CaSB 041: Let Andrew Lock help your business

Welcome to episode 41 of CASB.  The podcast for entrepreneurs and personal development.  I strive to provide inspiration to help you succeed in life and in business.  One of the keypoints I emphasize in this Podcast is that you need to start your online business yesterday.

Today I want to  talk about one of my favorite Podcasts.  This is something I’ve said from the beginning that I love to share with you the things that are impacting me.  In this case a video Podcast.

It’s one of the shows that slowly turned me on to pursuing Podcasting and content creation.  It’s called “Help my Business

Read description from his website

“Help My Business!” is a free, weekly web TV show that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to build a better business and stand out from the crowd.

It’s been described as “The Daily Show for Entrepreneurs” which gives a flavor of what to expect: dry British humor, playful sarcasm, and irreverence, with a soft and chewy center of both entertainment and brilliant marketing insights.

Hosted by maverick marketer Andrew Lock, a.k.a. the “Yoda of Marketing” (not because he’s short with green pointy ears, but because of his encyclopedic knowledge of marketing), the show provides a proliferation of practical marketing tips, big business lessons from well known brands, and lots of little known online resources that small business owners can use to increase their profits fast. It’s become more popular than a supermodel at a Catholic boys boarding school. The show also features Chris Farrell and Luria Petrucci, as well as special guests.


His achievements

  • Within 6months his show was ranked #1 in iTunes
  • Has created trainings and events
  • Has produced his own courses and master mind groups
  • Teaches on how to earn money from video podcast and some of his students have become millionaires
  • Took two years off to travel the world


Why I like him

  • Everyone loves a success story
  • Rags to Riches.
  • Shows the amazing the opportunities to work creatively
  • He’s fun
  • He makes you believe that you can also achieve success within your field.

You can listen to his interview on EOfire.

That’s it for today and remember “In business and in life pursue your passion and great things will happen





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