Business Updates

Creating a Successful Business

CaSB 012

It’s been a quiet week. I’ll be updating my website, so I’ll keep you up to date on that. I’m working on strategic planning and toying with the idea of starting to speak in seminars, increasing the frequency of podcasts, or creating some kind of product. Right now I want to pursue creating an educational product. More to come!

CaSB 010

I started sending out tweets! I’m using Twitter. Having the goal to set up my own business has given me a reason to want to use Twitter. I took an online course to learn how to use it- hashtags, Twitter handles, and following the right people. I set up two accounts- one for the business and one for me. This way I can test my tweets and have a separation of roles. Another tip: an application I learned about is Here you can create your tweets and schedule them ahead of time- this way you don’t forget to send out your updates to your friends and clients. I encourage you to use social media tools to keep your customers up to date.

CaSB 008

I joined a community called Fizzle. It’s to help indie entrepreneurs make weekly progress on their businesses. I first heard about Fizzle through one of the podcasts I listen to. It offers online training courses for people doing online businesses, blogging, podcasting, online marketing and info. products, etc. I’m using it to fill in my knowledge gaps and to help create my business. You can post questions in the forums and get help from other members. This is a paid membership. I do not get paid to mention it. I hope it helps me in my journey. I’ll let you know.

CaSB 006

This week I had my first “mastermind” group meeting with some friends to meet and talk about our successes and struggles. It’s good to get together to encourage one another. We do this by Skype or by phone. You could even meet for breakfast. Ryan Regina (CaSB 003/004) mentioned one of the things he would do differently would be to engage people in the community more. I’m putting into practice the things I am learning from our guests.

CaSB 004

We have our YouTube channel. My son helped me set it up. He’s a great assistant. He set up the channel and the playlist. I also wanted to share that I am expanding the vision of the podcast. I’ll be publishing an additional episode on Wednesday to share the things I am learning from the other podcasts I listen to, the things I’m reading, additional tools to help you with your businesses, etc. This will allow me to add more value. I’m constantly learning new things that I want to share with you. This will also help me to keep the Monday episodes shorter so the focus can be on the interviews.

CaSB 003

I’ve mentioned in the past episodes that I’ll share my journey from scratch. I am interested in an online business. It is similar to what Jeff Sanders said, building a platform to share content. I like sharing the things I am learning- especially the area of business creation and entrepreneurship. I would like to add blogger, writer, speaker to my identity. I would like to use the internet to share content and ideas. I am using Garage Band and Word Press. I’ll show you how I used those later on. I would like to get the video version of the podcast out there. I’m working on how to add them to YouTube.

CaSB 002

I realized that I am never going to become an expert public speaker if I don’t start speaking in public!

CaSB 001

My hope is after listening to this introductory episode you would like to follow this podcast. I will be giving business updates at least once a week so you can see what I am learning.